Nutritional Considerations

Manage Nutritional Issues with SBS Pet®

The addition of SBS Pet® helps pet food formulators address several nutritional issues.

Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio

SBS Pet acidifies the diet and improves palatability without affecting the calcium/phosphorus ratio. The ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the diet is 1:1. If the ratio is too high it can impair phosphorus absorption.8 If it is too low, it can lead to many nutritional problems from calcium deficiency–including bone loss.


Sodium is an essential part of a cat’s diet. Recent studies indicate that cats have a higher sodium requirement for maintenance than the value of 0.5 g/kg diet proposed by the National Research Council (1986). A minimal sodium requirement of 0.8 g/kg diet has been proposed for maintenance of adult cats.9 Sodium deficient cats can exhibit anorexia, weight loss, hyponatriuria and a negative sodium balance. The addition of SBS Pet™ to the diet may contribute to meeting the higher sodium requirement.


Inorganic sulfate is an essential electrolyte required by all organisms for life10 that is involved in a variety of processes, including in detoxification via sulfation.11,12 Sulfate is required for cell matrix synthesis and maintenance of cell membranes, and is involved in the formation of sulfated glycosaminoglycans, major components of cartilage.13,14 It is also involved in the formation of cerebroside sulfate, a constituent in the myelin membranes of the brain.13,14 Sulfate conjugation serves a role in the biosynthetic pathway for the production of steroids, neurotransmitters and bile agents.15

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