SBS Pet™: A Valuable, Research-Backed Tool for Nutritionists

As a pet food nutritionist, you’re challenged with meeting a pet’s complete nutritional requirements in a single food, while also accounting for the increasing demand for natural ingredients.

As a natural, non-hazardous acidifier, SBS Pet™ helps meet these demands with value-added benefits such as the ability to improve urinary tract health, address nutritional issues and enable claims about improved pet health and safety.

Explore all SBS Pet™ research to learn about its complete benefits

Reduce the Risk of Urinary Tract Disease in Felines

SBS Pet™ helps reduce the risk of struvite and calcium oxalate stone formation.

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Improve Palatability in Cat Food and Treats

The high sour intensity of SBS Pet™ helps pet food manufacturers deliver the clean, tart flavor cats want at a lower concentration, and therefore lower cost.

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Address Vital Nutritional Issues with SBS Pet™

The addition of SBS Pet™ helps pet food formulators address several nutritional issues.

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A close-up of a brown wild Mink animal with a cute expression on his face.

Improve Urinary Tract Health in Minks

Formation of struvite crystals in the lower urinary tract is a common cause of lower urinary tract diseases in minks. Urine acidification can dissolve existing crystals and prevent the formation of new crystals. Studies have shown that SBS Pet™ significantly lowers mink urine pH.

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