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Chemical Classification of SBS Pet™

SBS Pet™ is a dry granular acid that easily dissolves in water. It dissociates into sodium ions, hydrogen ions and sulfate ions.

Chemical formula of SBS Pet™NaHSO4→Na+ + H+ + SO4-2

In 1997, sodium bisulfate was approved for use in animal feed. It is classified as a general-purpose feed additive under the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) Feed Ingredient Definition. It is considered non-hazardous by DOT, therefore not regulated. OSHA identifies it as an irritant and the NFPA hazard rating is 1-0-1. It’s dry, granular state means that, if spilled it can be swept up, eliminating the environmental headaches associated with liquid acids.

Understanding Acid Strength: A Comparison

Acid strength is denoted by pKa value (Figure 1). The lower the pKa value the stronger the acid. For pH applications below 3.6, less SBS Pet™ is required to lower pH than most commonly used acids, including phosphoric acid, which reduces cost in pet food, treats, slurry or any low pH application.

Figure 1
Acid Strength5
Acid pKa Value
Sodium Bisulfate 1.99
SAPP 2.10
Phosphoric Acid 2.16
Citric Acid 3.14
Acetic Acid 4.75
Propionic Acid 4.87

For most applications, sodium bisulfate can replace 75% phosphoric acid on a pound for pound basis. Since sodium bisulfate is less expensive than phosphoric acid, its use will yield savings immediately.


  • FDA approved for use in animal feed in 1997
  • AAFCO Feed Ingredient Definition: General Purpose Food Additive Table #87.5
  • CVM (Center for Veterinary Medicine):
    • Accepted for use in pet food as an acidulant at levels consistent with good manufacturing practices, March 1999.
    • Acceptable ingredient in cat foods seeking to make urinary health tract claims.
    • Justified on a Nutritional Basis.
  • Manufactured under GFSI FSSC 22000
  • Formal HACCP program in place
  • U.S. Patent 5,773,063

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