An Acidifier for Cat, Dog and Mink Food

SBS Pet® is a natural acidifier for the pet food industry most commonly used in dry cat food, dog soft treats and liquid digest, and dry mink food. It is used to increase stability and reduce pH, reduce the risk of urinary tract disease, and boost palatability without affecting the calcium/phosphorus ratio.

As a dry, granular, non-hazardous acid, SBS Pet can be added to the micro bin and mixed with the pre-mix, before extrusion, and delivers the added benefit of improved employee safety.

Leverage SBS Pet in Your Plant

Technical support and training are a part of any SBS Pet order. Whether you’re currently not using an acidifier in your plant or are using a liquid acid, our team of experts know the best path forward. We’ve helped countless end users incorporate sodium bisulfate in their plants and manufacturing processes.

Canine Applications

SBS Pet helps stabilize the formulations of canine soft treats and digest due to its ability to quickly lower pH with relatively low addition rates. A low-pH environment controls the microbial growth of pet food products that contain sufficient moisture, preserving it for maximum shelf life.

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Feline Applications

SBS Pet is used in dry cat food for feline urine acidification, and in feline soft treat and liquid digest for pH reduction and preservation. Cat food palatability has also been shown to improve. 

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Mink Applications

Formation of struvite crystals in the lower urinary tract is a common cause of lower urinary tract diseases in minks. Urine acidification can dissolve existing crystals and prevent the formation of new crystals. Studies have shown that SBS Pet significantly lowers mink urine pH.

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