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What is SBS Pet®?

SBS (sodium bisulfate) Pet® is a natural acidifier for the pet food industry used in dry cat food for feline urine acidification and in soft treat and liquid digest for pH reduction and preservation. As a dry, granular, non-hazardous acid, SBS Pet can be added to the micro bin and mixed with the pre-mix, before extrusion, and delivers the added benefit of improved employee safety.

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Reduce the Risk of Urinary Tract Disease 

SBS Pet is a low-cost solution that can reduce the risk of urinary tract disease by lowering urine pH and increasing urine volume by promoting water consumption with the sour taste that cats prefer. Urine acidification can dissolve existing crystals and prevent new crystals from forming.

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Increase Stability, Reduce pH

SBS Pet helps stabilize the formulations of pet food, soft treats and digest due to its ability to quickly lower pH with relatively low addition rates. A low-pH environment controls the microbial growth of pet food products that contain sufficient moisture, preserving it for maximum shelf life.

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Boost Pet Food Palatability

Cats’ preference for food with an acidic pH over neutral or alkaline foods1 is the main driving factor for the use of acids in animal digest and palatability enhancers. The high sour intensity of SBS Pet helps pet food manufacturers deliver the clean, tart flavor cats want at a lower concentration. Improve palatability at a lower cost with SBS Pet.

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Address Nutritional Issues

The addition of SBS Pet helps pet food formulators address several nutritional issues including improving palatability without affecting the calcium/phosphorus ratio, and meeting cats’ sodium and sulfate requirements.

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