Freezing Point: Using Acidifiers in Cold Weather

When using acidifiers in cat food formulations, sufficient concentrations must be used to effectively lower urine pH. While actual urine pH testing is the only way to determine the exact amount of acidifier required in a given diet, general guidelines recommend an average addition rate of 0.8%, with ranges from 0.5 to 1.0% based on meat/grain levels.

Two common acidifiers, SBS Pet™ and 85% phosphoric acid, can be substituted at the rate of 1 kg SBS Pet™ per 1 kg of 85% phosphoric acid.

That is where the similarities between these two products ends

One of several issues associated with the transportation, storage and handling of Phosphoric acid is freezing.  This is not an issue with SBS Pet™.

Freezing Point

Phosphoric acid is available in commercial concentrations of 75, 80 and 85%. As the concentration of phosphoric acid increases, so does its freezing point. In order to limit the amount of water added, 85% phosphoric acid is commonly used in cat food diets.

As a clear, colorless liquid, 85% phosphoric acid freezes at 70°F which can make transportation, storage and handling difficult in colder climates and in cooler weather. As the freezing point is reached, crystal formation occurs, which can delay manufacturing processes thereby raising costs. There is also potential to expose employees to this corrosive liquid while trying to heat the solution or dissolve the crystals.  Insulated and heated pipes and tanks can be used to prevent solidification and crystal formation, but this capital investment can be prohibitive.

Crystalized Phosphoric acid


SBS Pet™ is a dry product that contains no water and will not freeze

Pet - Sodium Bisulfate LogoIt is hygroscopic (meaning it absorbs moisture) which is why it dissolves so readily in aqueous mixtures. This hygroscopic property also means that SBS Pet™ is easier to handle at lower temperature due to low humidity in the air.

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